Saturday, January 10, 2009

A New Era is Upon Us.

My suburban, stucco community held a business fair this weekend. I figured what the hell, I live in and am part of the community; and I own a business. I figured I would garner a few off glances and MAYBE meet someone of common interest. Holy shit was I wrong, I wanted to snap some photos this being my first official "business" outing, but no time was allotted. It was nice having a busy booth, and that was without having the ability to sell any product. I spent 2+ hours letting my neighbors know that:
  • Guns are available locally.
  • Unlike their previous home states, NO PERMITS are required.
  • Where to shoot locally.
  • Yes NEW shooters are welcomed customers, and YES I will teach you how to shoot and maintain your firearm. Whether you buy from me or not.
  • I had a great day meeting my community, with an interested demographic from the future veterans, to those from WWII.

My throat is dry from talking so much, but I am feeling more positive with the local response to 2nd Amendment than I can say. I normally hate surprises, but this was a welcome one.

Hope every one has a great weekend,


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