Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Open Letter(s)

Was shown a MUST see video by a buddy of mine today. Go FULL SCREEN and volume ALL THE WAY UP. Here it is:

The retort (remix) is even more powerfull, if only it had a III in the final scene.

If they show up "removed" search America Rising An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians (for video #1) America Rising An Open Letter to the Republican Party (for video #2)

PSYOPS in full effect.

Friday, January 22, 2010

SHOT Show, final day

Lots and lots of walking. If you get the chance GO. Bring your own water, comfy footwear and a bag or three. Ended up with about 1000 pens, a ton of cozies, hats, and enough stickers to choke an elephant. Had a great meeting with the Aimpoint crew, finalized some future plans and came to the conclusion that VERY high end optics, are not worth their very high end price. Bushnell has come a long way, and are a fair price. Off to Zumanity tonight, then heading back to Arizona.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SHOT Show day 2

Today was much slower pace. All of the major manufactures had their best foot forward. The only things that really caught my attention were the:
Taurus/Rossi "Circuit Court Judge"
Smith & Wesson "Body Guard" series with integral laser sights. Very nice and clean, just need .380 ammo to run the semi-auto.

Taking Thursday off to rest the feet abd back, along with having a little "vacation time."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SHOT Show day 1

WOW, it is big. This is my first year and I am "overwhelmed". To try and convey the size I will bore you with some details. Check in started at 0730 this morning, and we were on the floor by 0800. At 1100 we took a break for a "sack lunch" and were about 2/3 of the way done with the first floor, or so we thought. After a full day of walking (8 hours) we are about 60% seen with all of the large vendors to go. Personal Highlights:
- Ultimate Equipment - A 1911 handled folding knife. I was salivating, and my wife agreed these are a must have.
- Magpul Dynamics - I am a "fan boy" of these guys so that was cool.
- Black Hills Ammo - Good ammo, GREAT people. They are on my short list of "must stock" companies.
- Laser-Ammo - This training tool I could not wait for and bought on the spot!
That is it for now, getting ready to go see Penn & Teller at the Rio. God I love this city, even though I can only afford small doses.

UPDATE-- Meet Massad Ayoob at the Penn & Teller show. Fantastic ending to a great day!

Monday, January 18, 2010

SHOT Show day (-)1

Arrived in Vegas safe and sound. We will see what tomorrow brings. I will update as i can vacation willing.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Second Amendment IMHO

On a forum the question was asked:"How far will you go with "shall not be infringed"? Not in a what will you do, but what should we have done legislatively. Below is my response.
Shall not be infringed:
I will try to cover most bases but I am sure I will miss a few.
Everyone who is a US citizen, and walking on the outside (not incarcerated) should have the right to bear arms in my opinion. Self defense is a basic right of all living beings, including plants and animals. It is the natural way.
Types of arms: For lack of a better term “the cat is out of the bag.” If there is a chance, however slight, that I may come up against a threat with any weapon imaginable (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Conventional or Explosive) I believe I have the right to defend as I see fit within my means. This does not mean I am owed a chem. suit, Barrett 50 cal, and an M16 by birthright, but if I can provide these tools for myself and family I should have that right. If I think, and can provide, claymores and defensive charges on my property that should be my right. You want them on yours, cool we can talk placement and compare and contrast our options. But what about “public safety”? Fine legislate that I must post if NBC, or explosives defenses or weapons are in the area, but do not infringe my right to have them. In regards to firearms in particular, arms of a military origin should be the norm if desired for tactics and defense. This was their sole purpose in design, to allow you to kill instead of being killed. Legislate an ownership requirement such as the cards required in Illinois and DC, or a registration list? Violations in my opinion. No public safety claim can be legitimized under these, similar to “3 million jobs created or saved.” Not a legitimate statistic or verifiable claim through an actual study of facts.
Felons, if they have “paid their debt” should be allowed ALL of the natural, “unalienable”, and Constitutional rights. If they cannot be trusted with the basic right of self defense, or they have done a crime so heinous we as a society choose to remove that right, remove the person. Death is not required, banishment, imprisonment and death are all options. Just as any other defensive action…remove the threat, not the rights and abilities of the threatened. Removing the 2A from some one “charged or accused” of any crime is a definite violation, “innocent until proven guilty” should not be a catch phrase, but a culture.
Class III should be a third level training class, not a government classification.
If you act improperly with the above rights, we as your neighbors and fellow citizens have an opportunity and in-fact in obligation to respond with force. This is where a jurisdictional police force, posse, and a very limited federal government could come into play. This is where legislation comes in again. The idea of legislating what I “might do” is another breach of the innocent until proven guilty culture. If I want to run around naked and anally rape dogs, the elderly and everything else with less than 6 legs, no law will stop me, nor should it pretend to. Now if you want to legislate that anyone doing the previous, individually or as a whole, are sentenced to the punishments listed under the felons subject that would be allowed and “fair.” It would not prevent the illegal activity, but would outline the “what if” that a potential criminal can weigh out as pros/cons. Crimes happen, just like accidents and we should all have the ability to defend and react to both. The ATF, FFL, 4473 and such are not directly allowed under the specific Amendment but subsequent legislation that I believe should be repealed. I understand I am on the “extremist minority” with this, and am willing to accept some of the above mentioned violations to keep the peace with the majority. You did however ask for opinions and this is mine, “shall not be infringed” is an intentionally simple and plainly worded statement.

Rant over, thanks…