Thursday, November 27, 2008


We must not relent, period. Since early November the circles I run in have become a skittish bunch. "The guns are going away, the guns are gone." I am by no means fully prepared, but I have at least one of each of those disappearing guns in my possession or more. None of them are "top of the line", but all are proven shooters. I have not nearly enough ammo, but around 200o rounds. We cannot relent, or relinquish our position. The time for compliance and compromise is nearing an end. I do not mean that in a "Molon Labe" prod, but as an idea of a paradigm we need to prepare for.

-Define your beliefs, for yourself if no other reason. Do not shut out others, but do not broadcast you thoughts. Every revolution has been slowed and in most cases stopped by informant "double agents." You need to spread the word, not yourself too thin.

-Prepare to the best your ability at "this point in time." I cannot afford a Barrett M82A1 now, but a Savage 111 was within my budget. I can afford to become accurate within my means.

-Learn "intelligence" techniques, learn encryption, and anonymity. These can be come an asset in your personal and professional lives, even the the S never HTF.

-Build a network and or community NOW. Find others who are among the 3% before full scale investigations of "club memberships" becomes reality. The investigations may never come, but you will gain friends of a feather, and loose nothing.

-Train with what you have NOW, not what you might have later.

-Above all else, STAY POSITIVE.

Have a good day, enjoy the food.



Monday, November 24, 2008

9 Years Ago

Early in the morning 9 years ago today, I discovered what real "hope and change" was all about. November 24, 1999 I became a father for the first time. In today's world I have found it as important as any to teach my kids about the out doors. For today's celebration I wanted to give my son his first step to feeding his future. A Rossi 22/20 gauge combo.

Like any kid, the first thing he wanted to do was use it. First we had our discussion about the primary differences between this and the Red Ryder he has had for years. We than had our review of the four rules. Now it was "off to the races" as they say.
While they didn't all hit, it was a GREAT DAY. The excitement he showed at the first "ping" was palpable in my throat. I could not be happier or more proud of my sons. A nice escape from the daily grind.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Free Market Lessons

Not only was this a kick ass show, but the real stories can be even more intriguing. Here are some of the basics:
-November 6, 1868- Lakota and white leaders sign the Fort Laramie Treaty, requiring the U.S. government to protect Lakota lands from white intruders.
-1874- August - Gold in the "Black Hills"-Upon hearing the news, the government attempts to buy back the land from the Sioux Nation, but their offer is refused because the Black Hills, referred to by the Sioux as Paha Sapa, is considered holy land.
-1875- John B. Pearson discovers gold in Deadwood Creek and as word spreads quickly a mining camp is established.
-1876-A Miners' Court was established in August, to establish a provisional government in the city. (of the people by the people)
Now at this time everyone in the camp is an "outlaw" living in the wild territory. There has been little to no actual influence by the Federal government, and there is NO STATE. There is a booming support industry, saloons, prostitutes, laundry, medical care, newspaper etc... This is almost instantaneous as the miners start moving in.
Also in 1876-
The stagecoach arrives
Theatre came to camp
Platting of sidewalks begins
Smallpox hits the town, within 7 days and care center and treatment is established.
U.S. Congress repeals the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty- Tries to annex Deadwood.
During the annexation American government is busy at war with the Indians throughout the West and issues many declarations, most ignored by the citizens. There was no active threat of the gun from Uncle Sam. Somehow this muddy mountain mining town still manages to accomplish-
-The hanging of Jack McCall for the murder of Wild Bill Hickok.
-Education funds are raised and a School is built for the children, and residents.
-Cattle Ranching begins
-Local regulations are created for the "cleanliness of working girls"
-Telephone service begins in 1878.
-1888-The Chinese minority, mined, opened shops and laundries and worked as domestic servants in the white community. They developed a city within a city, electing their own mayor and council and founding independent police and fire departments.
-November 02, 1889 North Dakota (including Deadwood) becomes a State and finally has to start bowing to an ever increasing "State/Federal" presence.
Now I believe it could go without saying that Deadwood was at times a "take no shit, rough and tumble" town that had to be gritty, to say the least. My main point is that "outlaws," with little to no oversight, built a successful community outside the established law. Not only successful but advanced, extremely advanced taking into account their geography. Health care, news, transportation, and a variety of jobs were available, for the cost of the responsibility to do it well. The had telephone lines in 1878! Can people do the "right thing" without a Presidential platform telling them to? Yes we can.
Liberty, and the free market. Gotta love this country, especially when the story is as good as gold.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Give Me Liberty, or Give Me...Just Give Me Liberty

"The basic axiom of libertarian political theory holds that every man is a self owner, having absolute jurisdiction over his own body. In effect, this means that no one else may justly invade, or aggress against, another's person. " Buried in Here
I have covered what "I Believe", now I will try to explain some of why.
I am a "student" of history, maybe a "fan" would be a better term. Growing up I watched the sacrifice of a single mother and felt the sting of an absentee father, watched the "growth"of the 80's, and the progression of modern politics. Nixon was President the day I was born. Soon to follow were Ford, Carter, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, W. Bush, and now Obama. I loved education, it was breath to my mind. History and mathematics were the subjects I looked forward to the most. This put me on a path to meet many great teachers, in particular "history" teachers. I wanted to become a teacher, until I "worked" in a school. I saw first hand the bias and absurdity that can be fostered in the public school system. It was at that point I started aggressive "self-education." There have been many lessons learned the hard way, and many learned the wrong way. Here in my mid thirties I have found that breath again. Striving to learn about how history applies to today. As I discover and attempt to understand the writings of Mises (Rothbard in particular), the Cato Institute, more books these past 24 months then I care to write, conversations with friends, blogging from:
-D. Martyn
-D Codrea
-C Horton
-M. Vanderboegh
-And Many More (Dailies listed on blogroll)
I feel that breath building in me again. For that I say thank you all who read this, and all who write so I can read. That breath is giving me a vigor to educate my children, and having this support for that is indispensable. Seeing the equation of liberty for the individual, equaling success for the community. I am finding my way again, and in what I believe is a positive manner. Our world is constantly changing, and I know "we can never go back." However we can move forward, and remain true to parts of the past we admire, improving the areas we do not. As we look to "the coming" storm (?) look to your friends, build a network. Start building a "community" and the bigger picture should start to develop. I personally feel that all laws I have not expressly agreed to do not apply to me, save the "golden rule." I will choose day by day what to follow, and what to ignore. But will always believe what I believe.
pro libertate eos occubuisse,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Freedom of the "Press"

I tried to run a print add in the local newspaper. For over 2 weeks I worked with the paper and their grapics department on that add. On the evening of "press time" I received the following after business hours:

Jason, I really regret to inform you that we pulled the ad at the last minute. We need to do more research on Gun advertising and decide upon our policies. Many newspapers do not advertise for guns. It did not make it past the final editor.

P****** S*******
****** Area *** **** Journal

Below is my response:

I really wish this would have been presented in time for me to at least respond to some of your concerns. I am a local resident trying to start a business and provide a service for the community in which I live, nothing more. Without advertising that will be an even tougher accomplishment. I would like to cover a few things upfront:

  • I chose a business name that was not hiding the products I sell

  • I am approved and licensed by the County, State and Federal Governments to sell and transfer firearms. This is an official “business” not a hobby or personal collection, and is regulated as such with full over sight and approval of the BATFE, and PCSO.

  • I rely as much on the First Amendment as you do to make my livelihood. I do that by promoting the Second.

  • I fully comply with all regulations and laws in the transactions; I even made sure that was noted on the proposed add.

  • “Many newspapers do not advertise for guns”- This is in reference to “classified ads” whose private sales are regulated by very different laws from city to city and state to state. Most newspapers I know of regularly take ads from “Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, and Big 5 Sporting Goods.” All which advertise sell and market firearms and shooting supplies.

  • I feel very disappointed that I have lost an entire month of available advertising without any previous indication of a minuet problem in the past 2 plus weeks we have been discussing this.

    Please keep me informed of any changes positive or negative to my current issue so I can at least try to consider my options.


I chose to leave the paper unnamed for now, giving them the chance to respond. I find this EXTREMELY poor taste for a "local" paper that relies on local businesses to shun me because I sell firearms. I live in a rural suburban area, complete with ranchers, cowboys and your average gun nut like myself. What really chaps me is that the was NO "concern" listed and no discussion over content of the add. I will post any replies that have have new information.



Friday, November 7, 2008


I have spent the past few weeks, years basically, but much more recently, in debate with friends, family and strangers. I believe I was either to ignorant or just unable to convey a basic point.

On the United States Constitution, and those of the free and independent states:
NO part of them should be used to restrict an individual. They are by design, to RESTRICT the governments they "empower."

Think about this, especially the next time "they" try to legislate the choice of your fellow citizens. Whether you agree with the "moral" message of an amendment or law is irrelevant, we have NO RIGHT to legislate in or out the choices of others.I honestly believe the recent election was a terrible movement for civil rights. I am speaking on my States level. I have never been overly concerned with the "president". I am growing that concern due mainly to the powers that have been granted/seized over the past decade. The temptation(s) to abuse that power will not be held back for long. I am not saying it will be the current president-elect, but it will happen. The best example I can sight of this temptation, is President John Quincy Adams. A man who was raised among the Revolution, with none other than John Adams as a father, and Thomas Jefferson as a family consult.

He showed an arrogance of office, he thought he knew better than those he represented. Sounds like an accurate parallel to today's financial crisis. He also spoke of a pending civil war, and how its existence could prove an opportunity to gain power over the Legislature through "war powers." Sadly, that was exactly what happened, at the cost of individual states rights. Once again this sounds eerily familiar.

Now, I also know that President John Quincy Adams made MANY speeches and took an unpopular stance on slavery, it's abolishment. He was not a bad President per se, but I choose him to illustrate that good men and women can cause many bad things to happen, even when they are working towards envisioned utopia.

Once again what do I know, I am just a carpenter who can't get a job swinging a hammer.



(for another POV watch this)Remember, after you ban them, you are next.

FFL'S In Trouble

No, not due to the "O" man, at least not in a bad way yet. The recent election has spiked sales. I am too tired to post links of proof, but try to find an AR-15, AK-47, of FAL online or at your local shop. Classic "capitalist" demand has outpaced the supply. I have been on the phone with vendors non stop over the past 3 days. "Sold out" has become as common as hello in these conversations. Great week for retailers, and I really haven't seen people going nuts on price increases either. Keep an eye out, the prices are coming. For now I hope others are making a buck, but keeping it in line with some respect to the consumer.Buy 'em if they got 'em,
Sic vis pacem para bellum

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Remember, Remember

Even more to the point today.
Remember, remember the 4th of November,

the federalist coup d’├ętat .

I see no reason,

that revolution against treason,

could not or will not be fought.



Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day is OVER!

Well the polls haven't even closed at the "end is here." Don't get me wrong I never would have asked for a McCain ticket, but I wouldn't wish the politics of the next four years on an enemy. For starters the "My President" shit ain't gonna fly. I have not found a single thing that the big "O" represents I believe in. I can name my "hopes" and a large loss of civil liberties and increassed taxes are not the "change" I am looking for. It was a hell of a ride, a mere 232 years from Republic, to Democracy, to Fascism, to Socialism.
Sic semper tyrannis,
God I "hope" I am wrong.

Scared Yet?

Well, another election day is upon us. I could not think of 2 presidential candidates I give a shit about less, and scare the piss out of me more. I have debated back and forth over recent weeks whether to even bother showing up or not. As this morning approached I have once again talked myself into "believing" change of a positive nature can come from the ballot box. While I am not holding my breath that either outcome will be a benefit for Liberty, I must at least protest by participation in their way, and prepare for a future that appears to be on the event horizon. We'll see- God bless and good luck.
Ladies and gentlemen, keep your powder dry... You may need it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

New "Kid" on the Block

"I can't help but believe that much goes by for which I am simply not educated enough to understand. Never the less, I will try to pass on to the reader the best I can find on topics of daily interest from those more educated in these matters than I am, and together we will try to sort the wheat from the chaff." -PolyKahr

Stumbled on his blog from the comments here

While he does not yet have a large number of postings I note 2 things:

1. Every blog has to start somewhere

2. This is the kinda cat that has life experience, and philosophy I could absorb like an fn'g sponge.

Check him out here

"True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing." - Socrates - Greek philosopher in Athens (469 BC - 399 BC)