Saturday, February 27, 2010

Drug Costs, the bigger picture

Between 1974 and 2001 the percentage of Americans in prison per ca pita had doubled. Details on their stats and backgrounds can be found HERE

In 1970 the "War on Drugs" was officially federal policy. Coincidence? Approximately 25% of those in prisons are there on drug, not "drug related," charges. (Cited HERE) From yet another report we get this: "According to a federal survey of jail inmates, in 2002, of the 96,359 violent offenders in jail, 37.6% used alcohol at the time of their offense, 21.8% used drugs, and 47.2% used alcohol or drugs; of the 112,895 property offenders in jail that year, 28.5% used alcohol at the time of their offense, 32.5% used drugs, and 46.8% used alcohol or drugs; of the 112,447 drug offenders in jail that year, 22.4% used alcohol at the time of their offense, 43.2% used drugs, and 51.7% used drugs or alcohol at the time of their offense." Truth be told, I haven't touched an "illegal drug" in almost 20 years, not because they are "illegal" but because I do not like their effects on my consciousness. Yet we sell alcohol on street corners, glorify it's usage and overturned prohibition. Did incarceration rise and all of the crazies come out with the repeal of prohibition, no... would everyone become a junkie if the "war on drugs" was ended...nope. According to the American Corrections Association, the average daily cost per state prison inmate per day in the US is $67.55. State prisons held 249,400 inmates for drug offenses in 2006. That means it cost states approximately $16,846,970 per day to imprison drug offenders, or $6,149,144,050 per year.
One more fun fact, in 1984 the first "private prison" was opened in Tennessee. Look at that graph above again...see it. Crime does pay, depending on where you sit. What will you do, when what you do is no longer condoned. In this time of deficit, do we really need to spend $19 billion to enforce and $6.15 billion on punishment of this? To see this years direct cost per second, you can go HERE
I may revisit this topic as I finish my reading on "health care" and prescription costs, as reform is thrust upon us, and the potential costs of trying to synthesize the effects of mother natures medicine.
PS - My main point is to question the "official story," no matter your personal beliefs and perspectives. I have no love for drugs, druggies and drug dealers.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The unanimous Declaration

Today as part of the 2010 tour of the Declaration of Independence, an original Dunlap Broadside printed on July 4, 1776 was on display in Arizona.
See news of it HERE

Seeing it just inches away, knowing the history, it affected me beyond my comprehension. I was damn near teary eyed as I saw the past 230+ years flash in front of me. I have, as of yet, been unable to travel to DC to see so much history, and rely on copies I have hung in my house. The power of this document, it pure words, hit me like a brick in the face. If you have a chance, see this. When asked by the local media "How I felt after examining the document," I could only respond that I was honored to see something that was so important to our history. They then asked if I would speak "on camera," sorry but no; I do not trust the local media at all.My boys, along with the Arizona Rangers, and the previously mentioned document.



Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quote of the week

"What you did manage to do, however, was to accomplish the impossible: you caused me to feel sympathy for an IRS agent. Ain’t that a bite in the ass?"

From Syd HERE go read the wole thing!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Enemies. Foreign and Domestic

Finally got off of my duff and read Matthew Bracken's book "Enemies Foreign and Domestic." If you have waited like I did, STOP right now, click the above link and BUY IT! While there is not a grand story, that is not predictable or recognizable to any threeper, it is a very important exercise in thought. Some small things that end up on the prep list:

  • Night Vision

  • Radios (multi type and frequency)

  • Contacts with contacts who have contacts....

  • The story was enjoyable, and if you are empathetic you can really identify with the characters and their struggle. The best thing i can say about it it when my wife stated "I thought it was a true story," I smiled and said "It could be..." That is the jab, it "could happen" and reminded me of many questions I have yet unanswered of our recent history, topped off Mr. Bracken has started a journey we should support of a common cause. Buy it, read it, learn it. Then return to the blogosphere.

    Saturday, February 6, 2010

    Early Valentine Gift

    The tenor in DC over the proposed takeover of health care is changing.
    Obama Admits Health Care Reform May Die In Congress
    Now this is not the gift as I see it. Some BS "reform" legislation will be rammed down our throats, the 2010 elections will move some seats. Millions will cheer and we will start the cycle all over again. The gift is that the people who a mere 6-12 months ago would have been shocked to find out our current President cannot, in fact, walk on water; are forced to report that President Obama has little to no leadership ability or experience.
    "The time has come for more forceful presidential leadership," Neas said. Obama must explain more clearly how his health care provisions would help average Americans and must give clearer guidance to Congress, he said.
    A comment from one of his policy "supporters." Now where have those who are paying attention heard remarks about the Presidents leadership, or lack there of before. My earliest remembrance is when I first heard of him and thought I should look into him a bit, about 2006. My first reaction was "who the f*(k cares, what has this guy done, ever, that points to him being a top candidate." Now this obviously shows I am not clairvoyant, but maybe I am OK at observations. Most people who know me, will also know I have an appreciation of the ideas of "laws" and study them at random. I to some extent pride my self on being "law-abiding" by choosing to not recognize laws I feel are unjust, irrelevant, or biased. I will be happy to not see a "law" I would have to break on general principle alone.
    Hope this all goes away, and fast. If it does go away... KUDOS to the American people, you started using your voice. Do not fall silently back to a slumber no matter what the future holds.

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    9/11: Science and Conspiracy (NAT GEO)

    Jebus crimeney. This was just freakin STUPID. While I admit there are questions that are logical that have not been answered to my satisfaction, seriously these are the best "point vs. counter-point" they could come up with? The idea that ANYONE gives "Loose Change" anything other than WTF, was this made by a 16 year old look is asking for ridicule. (OK he was like 20, and probably rode a short bus) Can we please have someone other than Popular Mechanics do an in depth actual analysis? PM left to many unanswered questions, but at least they looked at real ideas and used real testing. This was "theory vs. theory" with NO actual substance. I think I am now dumber from watching it, I need to blow up my TV. FYI Structural Steel does NOT need 2700* F to falter:
    From HERE
    Although steel does not burn, it loses strength in a fire, which can lead to a structural failure. Above 500 °F, steel starts to lose its structural integrity, and at 600 °F, steel loses 75 percent of its strength, according to International Paint. Interchar and other Chartek fireproofing materials swell to provide a tough and stable insulating layer over the steel to protect it.
    The average house burns at 1100* to 1400*
    From HERE
    Real stats don't add up to their conspiracy theories. I am more than a little curious about the fall rate and directions (beyond "Pancake Collapse"), Building 7, and some of the Flight 93 rational.
    Damn the Japanese physicist are in on it too.

    Rant off,