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Justified Part 3

Secession is a necessity, not an idea

I am impatient by nature, and believe most people in today’s nanosecond instant gratification world are too. We cannot afford to wait anymore for “the big one” to hit various regions of the world. Since I cannot and will not support the extermination of peoples, either indiscriminately or intentional, we have fewer options to exercise. The only ones I see out there are and . See this is where impatience comes in. They are taking too long and at best putting a band aid on our hemorrhaging country. The solution as I see it is radical on one hand, yet common sense on the other. Look at the Constitution of the United States, the Confederate States of America, John Locke, and other political theorists, and then throw the “American Experiment” of the present day out the window. We do not need “a line in the sand”; we need several of them, on a map. We need to dissolve our current Empire and create a true Union of States United. Relegating the Federal Branches to their true place, regulating trade, addressing grievances between the States and ensuring that the individual’s rights are not trumped by the States interest. There should be NO federal agencies designed to investigate individual citizens or private groups, only the jurisdictional governments. My friend the Reverend likes to remind me “All government power is still derived, as always from the consent of the governed” We need to revoke the power from the (current) federal government, by any means necessary. I realize that verbalizing this puts instantly into the nutsack community to the average Joe, my question is why? Does this sound crazy because it forces involvement of individuals who govern to the citizens directly? Maybe it is because the excuse of "the bureaucracy is too large to change" goes away? Nah, I bet it still has to do with the idea that any persons who currently rely on the government, would suddenly be forced to eat dog food and would soon die. What did they do for the first 140 years of this country without "welfare programs"? History shows us it won't happen, but that is the story we are told. But, what about the children and their "right" to State mandated education/indoctrination? Well for the first 100+ years there was no institution, then we collected data, and now they mandate. But what about our security? Do you really rely on the state to protect you, if the answer is yes I am sorry for you. If the answer is no, then why do you rely on them for the protection of the state(s). See, removing the federal government will only localize, if desired by the local communities, existing programs and charities to deal with local problems. I am not really against most federal policies other than the fact that they are federal. If a group of citizens in Florida want to enact a law that I in Arizona don't agree with so what, if a federal organization wants to create a law that restricts everyone at the same time, BIG F'N problem. We who want liberty (e.g. Gun Rights, Women's Rights, Gay Rights, drug rights etc..) need to realize it is all the same argument: my life, my rights, my choice. Choose which region you live in and raise your children in based upon the legislation by like minded peoples. The core of the American identity is to band together when the SHTF, for good. This is why we did not dissolve after the Revolution, the war of 1812, the War Between the States, Westen Deveolpment, the Depression, WW1&2, etc.This is one of the few occasions however when our enemies are domestic.

I do not have a crystal ball, or a grand plan of how to get the public motovated. Just an idea and a computer. It has taken less before. If you blog, try to do it more, (I know it can be a pain in the ass somedays) if you don't want to write online, write your local papers, call you local radio stations. At the minimum spread the word, your words, anyway you can.

From "The Patriot"
Charlotte: "You have done nothing to be ashamed of."
Benjamin Martin: "I have done nothing, and for that I am ashamed."

Don't be ashamed, be vocal, be true.
"I am an optimist because I want to change things for the better and I know that blood has to be spilled and disharmony and cruelty are necessary to do that." Henry Rollins

Sic vis pacem para bellum,
Thanks, I feel better now.

Justified Part 2

Our current structure of reality is flawed and will fall one day.

Humans have tried to use technology based on population, not "needs." My house is in a "new" area where the entire infrastructure is less than ten years old. All the latest and greatest bells and whistles, yet in that ten years we get flooding, water shortages, drain back ups, all the modern conveniences of home ownership. Over 2000 years ago the Romans and Turks had a form of indoor plumbing that worked and still would today with a little upkeep. But no, we replaced a functioning system that lasts millennium for shit that doesn't last a decade. Only so we can move it to more people over a larger area. We insisted on more land for more people to house more shit, and somebody else better make it hospitable for us. Well we developed a way to move more of our shit throughout the land and now have too much shit. Is it time to develop more "technological advances"? Let's see, if you look at as an equation it appears a little simpler than it is.
x= people y=possessions z=desire for technology
Do you still need you GPS guided satellite phone with e-mail, Internet and the ability to instantly connect with anyone if you can provide everything you need and have everyone you care about in a 5 mile radius? FUCK NO! Sure it is easier but you don't need it. So change he equation:
xyz= same as above A= Armageddon(natural or man made take your pick)
Change the people and their possessions and you get a lower "desire for technology." Sure you may have to learn how to build shelter or have some knowledge to barter with a shelter maker, how is that different than today? It is different because it forces participation in the community. Throughout history people have banded together through tragedy. Throughout history leaders have risen from the rank and file to usher in hope and prosperity in lives. With "A" being the wipe out of 80-90% of the population small communities will develop into completely independent city states, unknowingly working towards a common goal. This is where that document we alluded to in part 1 comes in. (in case you still haven't read it I will add some of the key phrases)
When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the
consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government

Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute
Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.

That these united Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance

(Emphasis added by me, sorry Mr. Jefferson)
Our rights are "natural" and because of that city states will try to develop the quickest path to them they can, in a way their leaders will develop. Once the paths are started their change is difficult. That is why it is also natural for struggle and strife, natural preparation for the wars ahead.


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Justified Part 1

The consistent de-evolution of life and liberty has developed a new need in my opinion.

In the past 100 years, or more, what has the "industrial revolution" done for life, or liberty? We have touted at "marvels" and "breakthroughs", I am asking why? What was marvelous? What has "improved"? Are we better off than 2000 years ago? Sure we are more complacent, live longer, things are "easier", but are we better?
Complacency- We accept our reality for what it is. People as individuals don't think they can make a difference, so why try, things are okay. FUCK THAT! If you are not challenged daily, are you living? If you accept the reality and life people around you dictate for you, are you living? Especially if the people making these decisions are in a marble, and limestone building thousands of miles from you. What if they are from one or even two generations before you? Are they right, are they better? What the fuck gives them the right to make these decisions. Sadly, you do. Even I do, but not with complacency. About 230 years ago a group of men wrote and signed a fantastic piece of paper and asked for it to be read throughout the land. It is called the "Declaration of Independence". If you cannot with nostalgia recite or at least recall some part of it, shame on you. Find a copy and read it, better yet have it read to you. Imagine the emotion and the vigorousness of its message at that time. Can you feel it? (THAT TIME IS NOW JACKASS!) We go down without a fight everyday. We pay our taxes; we follow their rules without question. Do you cross the street at the intersection because of the law, or safety? Why do you pay a property tax, it is YOUR property. Why do you pay an income tax, because on this one they were sharp, remove the ability to opt out. If you don't see it most won't question it, besides they give you some back every April since you were nice enough to give them an interest free loan at gunpoint, for (once again) shit you do not want and certainly do not need. (reality check, it was all your money to begin with)
Live Longer- Now with you daily dose of snyhetic-hyphoid-typhoid-caffine-viagra-oxycoton-deep dish sausage-big mac-summers eve- enema, you to can live beyond your bodies decay so you can shit yourself at the local market and go senile. But hey at least you can still get wood now and again. Try hitting some physical fitness once and again. Don't tell me "I go to the (insert cooperate gym here) every other Tuesday that is an odd number" bullshit. As humans our advances have made us lazy, unhealthy and predictable. I know it is hard to pry yourself out of the routine of watching a box that has people on it actually doing something. People used to actually live life, now we might witness parts of it. A simple look around you next time you step out would help you see this. The obesity rate is ridiculous; people who say they are fine with being overweight are liars. They just acknowledge that they are to lazy to change their position in life. Don't get me wrong if we were cannibals this would be great, have you ever had veal? I want to live, preferably long, as far as I can with it being real. Medicines have their place but why is it the more drugs we have created in labs, the deadlier our world becomes. Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's, high cholesterol, bird-flu, mad cow. Hell even the bumble bee is now deadly. WHAT THE FUCK? Our advancement has brought us nothing as it pertains to true longevity.
Easier- How many emails do we send and receive in a single day? Hell right now I am typing on a box that is smarter then ½ the world's population, why you ask? Did you not read the first two points? Easy is not better, it is easier. But we cannot come full circle any more. Millions of people are unchallenged because we don't want them to feel "failure". I have failed at many attempts and EVERY great lesson I have learned has been from not wanting to feel failure again. If you are not failing, you are not trying. PERIOD! We are missing the balance, most people cannot taste true success, because they don't under stand the bitterness of failure. I am an elitist, sure but the real question is why aren't you? I set my goals just out of reach and when I reach them I feel "high" sometimes the are way out of reach, yet somehow they can be overcome. Unless you have done that first hand you have no clue of what life is. Yet even an elitist prick like me recognizes I am not doing enough. That is were our tale begins.


Saturday, August 16, 2008


When someone said, "Leonidas, are you here to take such a hazardous risk with so few men against so many?" he said, "If you men think that I rely on numbers, then all Greece is not sufficient, for it is but a small fraction of their numbers; but if on men's valour, then this number will do." Apophthegmata Laconica by Plutarch

Lycurgus established harmony, simplicity, and strength in Sparta. This warrior society tamed its youth through systematic education aimed at developing leadership, courage, public spirit, and wisdom. LYKURGUS by Plutarch

The Seven Virtues of the Bushido apply to handle every action of every day, follow them and you will live a good life.
  • The right decision, fair and equal
  • Valour & Courage
  • Benevolence, Compassion & Generosity
  • The Proper Behaviour, Courtesy & Respect
  • Honesty, Honourable & Moral
  • Success, Honour and Glory
  • Devotion and Loyalty

The legend of Arthur's Knights of the Round Table had a similar code

  • To never do outrage nor murder
  • Always to flee treason
  • To by no means be cruel but to give mercy unto him who asks for mercy
  • To always do ladies, gentlewomen and widows succor
  • To never force ladies, gentlewomen or widows
  • Not to take up battles in wrongful quarrels for love or worldly goods

Politics, policy, laws and religion have no hold without honor. Honor is the one gift you can give yourself that makes a difference in the world you occupy. If I have one wish for my life it is that those who know me at the time of my passing can say I lived a life of honor, and that it sums up my achievement of the above examples. Many people today speak of honor, sacrifice and liberty as more of a cliche than a way of life. I was speaking with the Reverend the other day and he made a phenomenal point "I believe in principles, not borders." Short, to the point, and exactly what I needed to hear at that time. For too many years I have fought with the parallels and contrasts of my core beliefs and their lineage with my nationalism. I believe in America with every cell in my body, I also believe that the America I love has been raped by politicians and a complacent lazy citizenry. If knowledge is power than what are ideals? What small amount of power I possess, is in the knowledge of honor. I pass it on to my sons, with hopes that they will understand why, I post it here with hopes that those who read it will truly understand, every breath of everyday their actions change the course of life. If we live and lead with honor it can become "the way."

A man argued that Sparta should set up a democracy, this was Lykurgus reply: "Begin with your own family."



Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From Russia with Love

"Georgia, a former Soviet state, sent troops into South Ossetia on Thursday, aiming to crack down on the separatists, who want independence or unification with North Ossetia, which is in Russia. Russia responded Friday, sending troops into the Georgian province where it had peacekeepers stationed." From CNN (So Russia "reacts" to a Georgian action)

"The fighting erupted last week following an attack by Georgian troops on Thursday on the pro-Russian enclave of South Ossetia. " From ABC (Just to clarify, RUSSIA REACTS TO GEORGIAN ACTION)

From Russia= "Lavrov said Russia had already allocated funds to help rebuild Tskhinvali but that "the aggressors should also pay." From ABC pg 2 (Wouldn't the "aggressors" be the fore mentioned Georgians?)

"In 1990, Georgia voted to abolish the autonomy of South Ossetia, and by 1991 the ethnic antagonists were fighting. In 1992, Georgia and Russia signed a peace treaty and Russian troops began patrolling the South Ossetia border." From LA Times (So for more than 15 years Russia maintained a "border patrol" to watch Georgian action without incident, sounds familiar)

"The United States stands with the democratically elected government of Georgia and insists that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia be respected," President Bush said today in the White House Rose Garden. (WTF?!, he must be misquoted?)

"And we expect all Russian forces that entered Georgia in recent days to withdraw from that country. " (maybe not) Full Speech

My guess is that our "leaders" in the federal government have their heads so far up their collective asses, they forgot our own actions in the past 3 decades of instigating, and instituting government sponsored revolts. Why wouldn't Russia be interested on what is happening at her borders. So apparently we only recognize "sovereignty and territorial integrity" of governments we help put in place. See last time I checked Iraq, Iran, Sudan were all sovereign nations yet politicians speak of entering them with the enthusiasm of a child at Christmas. What about the "sovereignty and territorial integrity" of the people of Ossetia who didn't want to be annexed into Georgia? I cannot even fathom how the President and the recent candidates for the office can say what they have been with out a sting of irony to hammer them to the ground.

Interesting site with a ton of links on the topic.

Growing up in the 80's I would never have thought this would enter my mind, "Go Russia Go"
Damn, somehow I ended up at a shift in perspective, again.

Sic semper tyrannis,
FerFAL has some more insight for after SHTF

"Guns are what you end up using when you fucked up and failed in your awareness. I’ve been coming back home late at night again everyday at the same time.Yesterday some guys tried to cut me off but when they saw that I was a) armed and b) not slowing down, but rather accelerating, they moved away fast enough.Today I took a different route, and I’ll be using different ways back home so as to avoid being ambushed like that.These things happen often, and being armed and not stopping or the combination of both always got me trough. But when they target you they may use other resources like setting traps like stones on the street or throwing bricks at your windshield to force you to stop."

We would all do well to do some extensive reading of his postings frequently.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Here we go

  1. Israel is in the final stages of deployment preparations against Iran. Apparently with the full support of the W administration. "The station will give the USA an opportunity to use its radar towards Russia freely, without any explanations or control. In addition, the station will give Israel more confidence in its war preparations" Read the full article here.

  2. The USA enters into "arms deals" with Nicaragua to purchase 20 year old Soviet Block munitions. WTF, our "war machine" isn't producing enough? Where is Ollie to keep the secret this time. Full text is here.

  3. South Ossetia, an outskirt Georgian province, is being backed by Russia against an invasion by Georgia. McCain on "Russia's Aggression": "Russia should immediately and unconditionally cease its military operations and withdraw all forces from sovereign Georgian territory. What is most critical now is to avoid further confrontation between Russian and Georgian military forces." Hello pot, my name is kettle. I am amazed Mr. McCain knows the word sovereign.

Image was taken from "Middle East Conflict"

ad honorem,

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Buddha Help Us

Buddha is a figure of eastern religion, who cherishes all life and aspires for peace. A large number of Buddhists see the Dalai Lama as their reincarnated leader. Though they as a religion believe in peace, some monks are breaking ranks.
(You have got to see this video)
"If we had guns we would fight back"

Yet another statement towards perspective.
I forgot to mention earlier. Let your neighbors be invaded, doors kicked in or killed in record numbers, and you veiws on when the time to act is, may change.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Perspective (UPDATED)

After listening here to some "opposing" views, and commenting here,and reading here (must read this link), I felt some things were "Lost in Translation."
Most who would read my words know of Mike Vanderboegh, and the 3%. There has also come into the debate the "probable role" of the military against the "alleged 3%." The military is comprised of citizens and would react in direct proportion to a similar percent.
Perspective is defined as a way of regarding situations or topics etc...
Most of us are trying to defend what we believe we would do if it happened.
A song from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones says:

"I'm not a coward,
I've just never been tested
I'd like to think that if I was,
I would pass"
I think that pretty much sums up my argument as to the effectiveness of the letter that began this train(wreck) of thoughts in my mind.

Your perspective is probably not mine. Most of my beliefs are from "fictional" worlds or history. The most defining change in my life was when I was about 17, sitting in a juvenile jail cell reading anything I could to take my mind out of that place. I found my Bible, and hope you find yourself reading it someday. I was raised Roman Catholic with all the guilt it can imply, and as a kid of the punk rock era fought it every step. Here was a book that asked me, or more accurately demanded, that I not only "know" that one day I will die, but to accept and embrace that fact. This single idea, that single grain of knowledge changed my life forever, and for the better. Living the "good life" became a responsibility to myself, for the purpose of my fulfillment, not some higher power or greater good. Since that time I have tried everyday, to know that today might be the true endgame, and I better make it worth it. Some days I succeed, other days I fail. There are others who have lived a warriors life that I can only imagine, others a life of benefits that I cannot comprehend. One life is not worth anymore than another, yet none of us will see the event horizon coming in the same way, nor will we react in what everyone would call a "rational response."
As the man above said "live for nothing, die for something"
We all have an idea of our "threshold" and they are all different, but every discussion has ended and began with 1 of 3 points
  1. The govt is doing its job and has a "right" to regulate them.
  2. The "right" is god given and a citizen, requires no regulation.
  3. A hybrid of the above 2 without passion to jump sides.

Anyone who reads this desires liberty, it is the cost we have a debate over. I am willing to pay a much larger price than others, that is my threshold. Are others willing to pay the price to strip me? That is the root question, equation, we need to be asking ourselves.

Who we are dictates our lives, our lives do NOT dictate who we are.
Thanks for reading my rants,

Monday, August 4, 2008

Break Time

I needed to take some time and decompress. The mountains of Arizona are just the place. After what seemed like and endless hike, (about 2 hours) loaded with too much gear, and dragging 4 kids through the forrest on game trails we reached our destination.

2 nights with some great friends and their family, a slight rain, and truly spectacular sunsets.
We spotted some elk coming and going, got a few hours of fishing in and saw all kinds of critters. Made me forget that the economy is in the crapper, and both "mainstream" candidates have lost their collective minds; if only for a little while.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."- Ferris Bueller


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2 Quick Points

If you haven't yet read Mikes comments on "cutting the apron strings." He very nicely puts what gets lost in most of my discussions, that an end to large bureaucracy does not mean now and does not mean we do not care about strangers.\

I have been wanting to write about "pit bulls" but haven't came up with the total text. Stumbled on this video and I think it pretty much covers it.

My favorite part "Who will excel in all that I do... I was breed to NEVER quit"

Heading to the mountains for the weekend,