Saturday, February 7, 2009

Contentment vs. Complacency

I was having a discussion the other day about my lack of passion for "corporate advancement", "title", or the normal keeping up with the Jones'. Not that I do not enjoy certain things, or even desire to own them ( a Barrett M82 comes to mind) but I do not have LUST for physical or material things. The above question was posed. My thought is that you can not have one without the other, and neither is bad as long as they are not taken to excess. When the follow up question was asked "Then what do you want out of life?"

I could not help but grin and respond "To be left alone." I wonder if I should have been more detailed, but I do not believe so. However this is not a statement of non-emotion, I still need to search for Liberty, Freedom, and choice. Once again you cannot have one without the other.
**Addition** Was having the Sunday talk with my father and general discussion led to the economy and politics. He is considering buying ammo so that the "new" Indiana law designed to "save" him will turn him into a criminal. More improtant though, we were talking about the personal budget being tight, not alone there, and he mentioned that with my salary and a family of 4 I am "entitled" to gov't access med care for my kids. That turned a pleasant conversation to the son preaching to the father that NO ONE is entitled to anything except death, the rest we earn.

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Mike H said...

To be left alone is the goal. Free to be me. Worth fighting for.