Monday, April 27, 2009

Drug Control, WTF

I have a persistent skin condition, Have had it since I was a child. Anyway here is the deal. I have:
-A rash (similar to shingles) on my eye lid.
-Due to location, it gets infected, inflamed at the time of breakout.
-White blood cells do their thing and build up in my lymph nodes.
-I require "prescription" antibiotics to fight the infection.
To get them I need to leave my job, create an appointment with a doctor to repeat the above symptoms, he/she will look at me, agree and fill out a little 4"x6" piece of paper. I then need to drive to a pharmacy and turn in the "script" and stand in line for 30+ minutes. Collect my pills and move on. Repeat 1-2 times a years. Bullshit... this is not medicine but control, control over my well being. Searching out homeopathic holistic remedies, any ideas? I am done with "western medicine." Drug laws similar to gun laws, and other behavioral codes are designed to remind us we are a lower class of people than those who have been "approved" and appointed. Taxing and regulating behavior is NOT going to stop behavior, only assert "control" over the average man/woman who has a life inside of the daily grind.

On a side note- The "swine flu," is THE FLU, stop panicking. It will go over and break in a few days. Quit getting flu shots, eat healthy and exercise. Practice basic hygiene and you will be OK.


Anonymous said...

Homeopathic remedy, worth a try.

It is found that mixture of Honey and Cinnamon cures most of the diseases.

Jay21 said...

Not sure if i will try it on my eyelid, but looks promising for many things. thanks for the link.

ReverendFranz said...

Ron Paul had some decent comments about the last swine flu "potential pandemic" in which he pointed out that in that case (1976) in the end the government's reaction and push, killed more people than the disease did.

Apt analogy for alot of things, i think.

As far as the eyelid goes, its definitely tricky to treat anything near the eyes, but im sure someone will have some ideas. the only thing i can think of is maybe eliminating any potential irritants, eyedrops or contact, or some people have mentioned aspartame. the eyelid is a particularly sensitive spot of skin, and one of the first spots to show irritation or an allergic reaction from all sorts of contact with things, often on the hands. As an example, alot of women develop rashes from wearing nailpolish, and just a speck making it to the area around the eye.