Saturday, June 26, 2010

TheAZCDF (Arizona Civil Defense Force)

Couldn't make this trip. Good job boys...I'll make the next one. For those not local, this area has had a Deputy shot in recent time and 2 dead people found. Heavy traffic area and the .gov gave us a sign. Yeah thanks for that.


idahobob said...

Good un!


Steven M Nielson said...

Great blog, great video, great time all around! Living up in Washington State, we don't hear much about border crossings... but with our hundreds of timberland miles, there are a number of illegal crossing hot zones... I wonder if there are civilian groups patrolling our northern border as well - I would be inclined to join! :)

Jay21 said...

If not..START ONE. We need to defend ourselves and OUR borders. It is not a govenment issue as much as a moral obligation to my family today.