Monday, July 19, 2010

3 Points Recon

My observations from July 17/18, 2010 in the southern desert of Arizona. (Three Points area.)

This area is rampant with smuggling, both human and drug, but I wanted to witness it firsthand. On the 17th of July, a group of us went down to see what we would find. We rolled into the area at about 1800 hrs and set up a camp and lookout/watch location. Being that it was night, and I could not film under a half-moon overcast you will have to take my word on this next section. Within 60 minutes of observation, first visual contact was made. About 300 yards south of our position I witnessed a flashlight illuminating and moving. For approximately 2 minutes it was behaving similar to a parking attendant at a large event, ushering a group to a fixed location, then all was dark again. Within the next hour this happened again further down the trail as you would expect but for a very short duration. Was this 1 or 1000, I do not know as at that range visibility was of the light source only. In the third hour of observation a new, subdued light source appeared due west of the original. This was much more erratic and shorter in its usage, and repeated no more than 30 or so seconds before going dark, but at a higher frequency and progressing down the terrain faster. It was shortly after this we were asked, via radio/phone, by Border Patrol to “illuminate our personal lights, sling rifles and holster handguns” as they were in pursuit of a “hostile” and did not want to mistake our group for him/them. We complied and returned to camp.
Since we were later getting started than planned, we did not have time to photograph, and log the surrounding area in the setting sun. The following pictures are of the area the next morning. All photos were taken by me within 100 yards of our camp and the existing road.

There are uncountable numbers of water bottles in the area.

Garbage the strung about, it is difficult to look somewhere and NOT see evidence of what is happening in the area.

Drop points are often in the shade, and any number of items can be found...Bags, hygiene products, baby food packaging, human waste, clothing etc. Keep in mind these are but a sample of over 60 photos taken in an area no larger than a football field.
We will be going back and to other areas in the future.
UPDATE clarification: I/we are in NO WAY affiliated with Ready or the other racist/socialist a-holes around. I do not condone the speeches or platforms he or his group espouse.

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