Monday, November 1, 2010

An Open Letter to Sheriff Paul Babeu

Attn: Sheriff Paul Babeu
With all of the current media reports and claims, why can we not bring together the Sheriff’s Department and citizens that want to be active? There are many people in the community that wish to take an active role in the establishment and security of their homes outside of a full time commitment. While I understand the department’s reluctance to endorse and support citizen patrols of the desert regions, this is done at a time that the Sheriff’s Office says “We find our deputies are being outgunned and clearly the violence has increased recently.” (From your site HERE) Has thought been given to providing training or guidelines to citizens that want to, need to, participate in their community and its defense? Many of those I have spoken with would appreciate a more open dialog. To paraphrase them, “if you lead, we will follow.” While some out there are looking for publicity and or attention, many more just want to help. If this means providing water, emotional, spiritual, moral, and in the extreme case tactical support; we will. But keep in mind that as you ask for donations to increase your departments arms supply, many citizens have the equipment, means, experience and desire; why can this not be utilized with the co-operation of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department? Money is the one thing many citizens do not have at this time. From another article on your site it states “What this incident does show is the lack of manpower in Pinal County. Deputy Puroll was alone and outgunned. There is one deputy for every one thousand citizens in Pinal Co., and Sheriff Babeu says it's time for some border help”.(Emphasis mine original article HERE) Having simple limits, background checks or requirements can filter out some of the negative traits of volunteers that may be frowned upon. Require a combination of prior Police/Military/EMS service and/or current AZ CCW, with an interview and/or background check provided by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department. I do realize that there is a liability to involving citizens; but claiming a lack of resources, and denying a major resource of your constituents and willing volunteers seems against your goal. If you feel you cannot endorse a group, any group, is there a way to set up a route to open the dialog and/or communication for persons who will participate independently? Thank you very much for taking the time to consider these questions as I know your time is very busy right now.

Pinal County Resident

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