Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Are You Honest?

"As a warning, the following post was written in complete desperation. I have recently learned some very sobering truths from people that I love dearly. These truths have set in motion a quest within me to do whatever I can to make a change. Today is not geared at funny. Today is geared at something greater. Read it to the very end. I promise you will be affected in a way you have always needed to be. I spent more than twelve hours writing this post because its message is that important to me.
"Perfection" is a wife...
"Perfection" is a husband...
"Perfection" is a couple... (a boy, a girl etc...)

Be real.

Be bold about your weaknesses and you will change people's lives. Be honest about who you actually are, and others will begin to be their actual selves around you."

The excerpts above, coupled with losing a very good friend, fearing the loss of my wife under a surgeons knife etc have changed my life. Normally I try to stay on topic, and to a bit this is. Everyday I try to be a better man, for my wife, my children and myself. Most days I fail in one sense or another, I am slowly coming to terms with that. THIS helps, and you should read it, ALL OF IT. Read the comments, comment yourself and read the follow up HERE
I am a broken man, I have been unkind to my wife and unfair to my children. I have done this in "their" name. Believing the ends justify the means. I live with this knowing I am learning, making corrections and becoming the man I need to be. Pass the original post far and wide, look in the mirror. If you do not fix yourself, you can fix nothing.

Have fun, stay safe...


PolyKahr said...


And your just finding this out? As an old fart, I have largely begun to give up the idea of perfection. Working with a bunch of other old farts (were all Automotive Logistical Technicians) some of whom don't always know where they are going, I can tell you that giving up being perfect is the first step toward freedom.

Best Regards,

Jay21 said...

I have understood it for quite a while, however somedays i need a kick in the ass. It was a great reminder that some of the reasons i justify my actions are BS and to some extent vanity. I realize all people have faults, and none are perfect, however daily i see people acting and saying "if only i had that .... the world would be okay." I like the authors writing and idea that we all clean up our own stoop and the neighborhood will be a cleaner place, but on a spiritual/moral plane.