Tuesday, February 22, 2011


What did you do this weekend? Passed on Nascar for some small unit tactics. Rest assured we all have actual faces in real life. First aide, communication and group movement was studied and practiced. If you know how... share it, if not... learn it. This is NOT a call to arms, but the responsibility you choose as a gun owner and a patriot.
Practice like you fight, and you will fight like you practice.
FYI- I am on far right, we were covering basic first aide and trauma procedures before live movement drills.


idahobob said...

"Practice like you fight, and you will fight like you practice."


Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Like your new layout.


Jay21 said...

Thanks Bob. Hope all is well up north. We are finally settleing in as a group (about 70 "members", with about a dozen reliable participants) and getting some processes and regimine in place. With recent events in AZ (Giffords, CBP Agent Terry, Gun Runner/Walker) I fear we all are going to be under a greater eye, both foreign and domestic.....where have i heard that before?