Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why I Love the Gun Business

Just under 3 years ago I opened a small gun shop out of my house. I am "new" as compared to many, have been an active shooter less than a decade and a "dealer" for less than 3 years. Every transaction and every choice a customer makes comes with a lesson. Some for me some for them, but it is a constantly evolving and learning process. I carry and use, primarily current issue and styled arms of the US military. I have had generous customers share with me knowledge on WW1 Russian arms, turn of the century cowboy arms, and even some of the latest R/D from DOD (Department of Defense) bids and prototype weapons. While my business runs at a financial deficit now, the spiritual and enjoyment pay is beyond value. Thank you gunnies for being a diverse and sharing group, I am honored to deal with you every day.



PolyKahr said...


I did not know that you are also a dealer. Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes,

Mike H said...

Good to know Jason. It's not like it used to be. Check out my entry:

Jay21 said...

Saw that, (head shakes and frowns) It is a sad time right now in the industry. Hopefully it will get better again and soon. If you are ever in Arizona let me know and we can discuss all kinds of fun :)

Theresa said...

I love knives. I am yet to venture in gun business. I am still obsessing over completing my collection and may next month, Buy Spyderco Resilience. It is nice to know that there is somebody I can ask about guns in case I go down that road.