Thursday, December 11, 2008

Book Report(s)

"Neither Predator Nor Prey" by Mark Spungin
Here is the "jacket tease"
In a time of great economic downturn, the US Senate, in thrall to an evil leftist president, ratifies the UN Global Gun Ban Treaty. Congress passes implementing legislation and an aggressive enforcement effort is launched. There are those in Wyoming who decide not to comply with the new laws. The old ways suit them just fine, and they are willing to take whatever measures are necessary to preserve their traditional lifestyle. They have no intention of letting themselves become prey to the predatory treaty enforcers. This is their story.

Great book with a creative prophetic twist to it. I found it to be extremely well written, and did a phenomenal job of skirting around unnecessary, sometimes graphic, details that would not have advanced the story. I had a great opportunity to purchase my copy from the author himself at a local gun show. It should also be noted that Mr. "Boston T. Party" was also there selling his full line, including "Molon Labe." Both of these books are well written stories about resistance against despotism. Pick them BOTH up now if you have not read them yet. It truly was a pleasure to spend a minute with some people who write better than I could hope to.
Great writing guys, soon I will add "Absolved" and have the trifecta of incriminating fiction in my bookcase. Heaven help me if the ban my books and my guns.

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