Saturday, December 27, 2008

A "NEW" Year is Upon Us

Coming back from a self induced break from the news and the Internet to enjoy the Holidays with my family. We are back with some big news that seems like more of the same.

Israeli vs. Palestinian violence is back in the swing. Personally I am a little unsure of this development. While I truly believe in liberty for everyone of every faith, race and demeanor, our own history is one of displacing people from their "homelands." I frequently preach "Peace Through Superior Firepower." I am more concerned with the lasting actions this could lay out. Active military campaigns across the globe, religious "activism" from all sides of the God spectrum, and a Socialist leaning world populace. Remember boys and girls, the "War to End All Wars." I tend to agree with A.J.P. Taylor and his ideas that many small conflicts are what led us into a World War, and allowed a mass of tyrants to rise to power. We have an elected President and Congress with more power than ever and more troubled times than we have seem in generations. We have a media that is hell bent on dissecting the Constitution, and an unsure populace that is begging for "Change" without regard to its repercussions. Be wary of the decisions you make, and the sides you choose. We are in route to a cataclysmic event. Train, learn, prepare. The future is unsure, but the past tells us it WILL be unsteady.
May life continue to bless us this new year.
(Not my closet, yet)

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