Sunday, March 22, 2009


So some people voted for "Hope, Action, and Change", now they are told:
"Change doesn't happen overnight," Obama said at a town-hall style event in California on Thursday, seeming to acknowledge the difficulty in translating campaign pledges into actual policy. Obama said: "Patience."
He followed up with the poignant
"We are moving systematically to bring about change. But change is hard."
"It's hard work," where have we heard that before

Hope and change.... still waiting for the first change. Why do we even have campaigns anymore they are all BS. I am getting tired of politicians believing that no one remembers yesterday



Inspired by the AP article here


pops1911 said...

Notice what the logo says - the first truthful thing BHo's ever said - HAC - he's just another hack (who can't spell). At least without the Teleprompter.

Jay21 said...

Well exposed pops. I "hope" we can "change" our futures wihout blood from their "actons"

Keep your powder dry, watch you six, keep training.