Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday Night "Semper Fi"

Spent Friday saying welcome home to a friend and a Marine, and good luck and god bless to his brothers in arms that will be going back to the sandbox next month. Once again I was touched by the support of total strangers and genuine gratitutude towards these young men who are laying it all on the line. My personal highlight was when I witnessed a very personal "passing of the torch." A man who was introduced only as "a Marine from Vietnam," went around to each of these young Marines gave them a small token and had a private conversation with each of them. I would not dare to ask the content of those words, but as he finished his "thanks" all of these Marines went out of their way to let HIM know he "was their hero" for doing what he did at a time there were no parades, and very few happy home-comings. After many drinks, stories, and tributes we said good night, and a good night it was. Thanks to the American Legion, Patriot Riders, and the USMC 3/4. Please take a minute and have a thought for these boys and all of our soliders.



idahobob said...

Thanks for the video and the wonderful words.

I am a US Army vet, 1967-1977.

I was spat at, verbally abused (called baby killer) and on two occasions, physically accosted.

Not good things to try and do to a hot tempered 18 year old.


Jay21 said...

Let me be someone who says thank YOU for your service at that very difficult time. It is once again YOUR sacrifice that enables us to truly honor soldiers today. I only hope you and those that served with you understand that the honors we pay them is in RESPECT to you and your sacrifice. While I do not know how one can say "sorry" for things that happened before my birth, I do know I can say THANK YOU, and never say it enough.

idahobob said...


I am deeply touched by your sincere words.

I do not have any animosity left in me for the way that I and others were treated, it was what it was, at that time. But I would still spit in "Hanoi Jane's" face if the opportunity availed itself.

I too, honor and thank those that serve now.

Again, my heartfelt thanks.