Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gilbert Constitution Fair - AZ 2009

I spent Saturday evening out with my family at a local fair celebrating "Constitution Week." It is billed as the largest celebration of the Constitution in the country. I highly encourage EVERYONE to follow this link and either come out and join us next year or get your local community to organize one. The entire event is put on WITHOUT tax funds of any kind. Representatives from every kind of patriot you can imagine were present. Pocket Constitutions were everywhere, as were games and events to keep the kids involved and educated. (Including Guy Fawkes masks for the kid in all of us) The event was touching as an American, and sobering as father. You walked in through a touching tribute to EVERY Arizonan who has died in Iraq/Afghanistan, all of them a son, brother, father or mother. With actors re-enacting some great speeches of the time including a reading of the Declaration of Independence, and an amazing performance of Francis Scott Key, coming up with the "Star Spangled Banner." I was touched and renewed in my faith of the American people in ways I cannot explain, almost to the point of tears as I recall the evening. A truly memorable event.

Children sign the Declaration wall, Pledging "Our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor" to liberty's ideas. A replica of the Liberty Bell was on display and was even rung. The evening ended with a fireworks display to Americana themed music played live by a full orchestra. I could not have been happier to be anywhere else, or with anyone else on this fantastic evening for a wonderful cause. The teaching of history, our history, and spreading the ideals of liberty. Please take a moment and remember those who came before us, and the prices they paid to give us a place that truly is the shining city Ronald Reagan spoke of. (Read a speech that is as relevant today as ever HERE) I wish I had taken more photos.


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