Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hugh Kealer? AZ Governor wanna be...

To be honset I don't know this guy from Moses, however I like what I have heard so far. Take a look at him here
It is good to be seeing people, regular people, start going after these seats. Jan Brewer is a joke, and Janet N, god I cannot even say. After Symington, Mofford, Mecham.... Man do we deserve a break in this state. Give him a look, at least lets get a couple of horses in this race.

Thanks to David Codrea for spreading the word. Read his stuff here and here...

My favorite part...
"HK: I oppose registration of weapons. This ends up being an infringement of the 2nd Amendment. There is no reason for registration, besides knowing who owns a weapon, how many they own, and what kind; which, I can not see one reason the government needs this information."

Don't forget about Jim Deakin, Candidate for US Senate, Arizona either boys and girls.


idahobob said...

I'm leery of politico's that state, "who have given up their civil rights". Who in the world have "given up" their civil rights?

Does the state have the right to deprive an individuals right to defend themselves?

Let me see, does not the Bill Of Rights state that these rights are God given rights? Is the state higher than God? If you answer yes, maybe you had better read what God has to say about that.

I really do not give one hoot if a person has been convicted of a "felonious crime" or not. Once time is served, they are to become contributing members society. If they are deemed to still be a threat, why are they walking the streets, being a threat?

EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, has the right to defend themselves....PERIOD!!!


Jay21 said...

I agree with you Bob. I figure if they cannot be trusted with the means to defend themselves, well thats what gallows are for. That being said we will bw hard pressed (to the best of my knowledge) to find any politco who would take that stance. What i like is that he at least takes a stance, one that i see with small flaws, that is in line with a large number of mainstream gunnies. It is a step i am willing to try, we have lost som much that any small gains we can make are worth going for. (Think the recent CCW in bars, not true Constitutional Carry i would like, but a small step leaning towards my final goal.)