Monday, February 15, 2010

Enemies. Foreign and Domestic

Finally got off of my duff and read Matthew Bracken's book "Enemies Foreign and Domestic." If you have waited like I did, STOP right now, click the above link and BUY IT! While there is not a grand story, that is not predictable or recognizable to any threeper, it is a very important exercise in thought. Some small things that end up on the prep list:

  • Night Vision

  • Radios (multi type and frequency)

  • Contacts with contacts who have contacts....

  • The story was enjoyable, and if you are empathetic you can really identify with the characters and their struggle. The best thing i can say about it it when my wife stated "I thought it was a true story," I smiled and said "It could be..." That is the jab, it "could happen" and reminded me of many questions I have yet unanswered of our recent history, topped off Mr. Bracken has started a journey we should support of a common cause. Buy it, read it, learn it. Then return to the blogosphere.


    dakotas5 said...

    Read the next two now to really be enlightened. You'll love them.

    Jay21 said...

    Already on order!

    idahobob said...

    The whole series deserves to be read through at least once a year. You would be surprised to see how the books seem to update themselves.


    Mike H said...

    Hey Jay!

    Found this mentioned at Sipsey Street:

    Matt B posts there often under the moniker of 'Travis McGee'.

    Tahe care. Mike H