Saturday, February 6, 2010

Early Valentine Gift

The tenor in DC over the proposed takeover of health care is changing.
Obama Admits Health Care Reform May Die In Congress
Now this is not the gift as I see it. Some BS "reform" legislation will be rammed down our throats, the 2010 elections will move some seats. Millions will cheer and we will start the cycle all over again. The gift is that the people who a mere 6-12 months ago would have been shocked to find out our current President cannot, in fact, walk on water; are forced to report that President Obama has little to no leadership ability or experience.
"The time has come for more forceful presidential leadership," Neas said. Obama must explain more clearly how his health care provisions would help average Americans and must give clearer guidance to Congress, he said.
A comment from one of his policy "supporters." Now where have those who are paying attention heard remarks about the Presidents leadership, or lack there of before. My earliest remembrance is when I first heard of him and thought I should look into him a bit, about 2006. My first reaction was "who the f*(k cares, what has this guy done, ever, that points to him being a top candidate." Now this obviously shows I am not clairvoyant, but maybe I am OK at observations. Most people who know me, will also know I have an appreciation of the ideas of "laws" and study them at random. I to some extent pride my self on being "law-abiding" by choosing to not recognize laws I feel are unjust, irrelevant, or biased. I will be happy to not see a "law" I would have to break on general principle alone.
Hope this all goes away, and fast. If it does go away... KUDOS to the American people, you started using your voice. Do not fall silently back to a slumber no matter what the future holds.

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