Saturday, June 28, 2008

Economic Struggle, What Can Be Done?

Economic Struggle, What Can Be Done?
I have been reading the posts and blogs of a man in Argentina, , he is explaining to others the reality of what happens as a government and society collapses. With out any gain for himself, only the will to help prepare others. His posts have been informative and thought provoking for me. One such post lead me to a YouTube documentary

This video now belongs in my top 5 most influential moments in my life. Please watch all 12 parts. Here is a brief idea as why. I am a grown man with a family and children, fairly successful in business, I am the "average" American. I like many others have problems with my government and its practices, yet speak out only to others I know personally, occasionally writing my representatives. The economic turn in Argentina is eerily similar to America's current financial policies. On December 20, 2001 the people of Argentina rose up and said ENOUGH. In a peaceful protest they affected change of their government. That in and above itself is just another time in history that change has occurred through protest. What makes it amazing, and to be honest brought more than on tear to my eye, was the honor, and commitment that citizens showed without leadership. Independent and free thinking Argentineans came together without a plan, without resources and created a day of infamy. I am embarrassed to have not studied this more in the past.

On our currency it is printed "In God We Trust". Since I do not subscribe to any organized religion I translate that in my mind to "In Mankind I Trust." Seeing the actions of Argentina that day reinforced that belief. Thirty-five patriots died that day, not for religion, money, or power, but for what many take for granted daily. A chance for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. About 20 minutes into this movie I quit thinking "what would I do, how would I react" and had a change in thought process to "what AM I doing, how AM I reacting?" Sadly the answer to both is not enough. This is my first step to avoid the documentary America: Now or Never

I do not have a lot of people to "network" this video or post to. After watching it please pass on this inspirational video to as many as possible.
Viva la Revolucion! Dios bendice Argentina!
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