Saturday, June 28, 2008


I will concede that superiority by birth is a rarity, by race, creed, color or sexual orientation, is an impossibility. However, superiority does exist genetically. Some people will lack the genetic make up to compete as a boxer, jockey, or a double PhD. In today’s world we are forced to “create” an illusion of a level playing field, it is a fallacy, and a shame.
“In Defense of Elitism As if it requires defending …
Gym Jones is exclusive. We exclude. It is not a question of elitism vs. egalitarianism because there can be no question; the black belt is elite, the white belt is not. The black belt is earned through long, difficult work, rigorous education, commitment, and persistence. Not everyone gets a black belt. It's not T-Ball. We invite elite performers to train here because they foster the environment we prefer. It is the rare athlete who improves despite training exclusively with less capable practitioners and such exceptions may not be used to prove a rule. Talented athletes surround themselves with others of a similar or higher caliber – both mental and physical – and improve by doing so. “

Recognize and embrace how you are different from society, and the rest of the gene pool. The “real” intelligent design is the fact that even twins, separated as zygotes are individual. Take your strengths and tune them to fit your needs, take your weaknesses and adapt to over come. My heroes have always been me and women of abnormal drive and physique. Strive not to become your heroes, but over come them.

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