Saturday, June 28, 2008

Revolution polluting the airwaves?

I was reading some blogs and postings and noticed a general decline in the attitude of what I will call, people for change. (real change, not the socialist/fascist manifestos of politics today) People who see me a lot or know me well, will roll their eyes at my "power of positive thinking" rhetoric. You will have a hard time convincing people to change by telling them life (theirs or yours) sucks; they already have an opinion about that. Sell them on the "positives" of your new message. If all else fails read the "Federalist Papers" again, arm yourself with knowledge, and give them hope. Idealists change the world, for better or worse. The general population flows with the tide.
Remember your history, not the one printed in High School books; the American Revolution was not brought on by "popular vote." The founders as we call them today were an assembly of small groups, consisting of some VERY intelligent and convincing men. They told of a powerful message, "liberty and rights." Liberty being your choices, and rights being UNDENIABLE by other peoples choices. That message is being heard again today, I thank Ron Paul for bringing it to the forefront of "mass-media" again. Our country has been in a downward trend for generations, since well before I was born, and needs to be rebuilt to what it was. Unfortunately, change can only come after tragedy, rebuild after destruction. Let us hope the tragedy is small and the change is large. Keep positive, keep informed and spread the words of our founders. Focus on the ability to reach total strangers across the globe in an instant, make your message heard. America can be the "Shining light on the hill" again. It will not come quickly or easily.

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