Saturday, June 28, 2008


Due to recent events and discussions a serious thought has occurred to me, a moral and philosophical dilemma if you will. If a pending revolt were to happen, we, or more specifically I, have some unintended consequences to think about. Today even more than in our first Revolution, or the War Between the States, the battles would be brought "home." Being a single income household I have not my life and livelihood, but that of my family to put first. This is an institution I entered into willingly and freely, I love my wife and children with more than any words written or spoke can say. It was and is a choice I would not change, and in fact cannot see a life without making it. That being the case, here is my dilemma. A revolt that is "open and grand" or one that is "guerilla and quick" presents me with the choice between my commitment to my family, and my commitment to my principles. A fight between any citizens and their government, a "revolution" by definition, would bring the horrors of war to the faces and forefront of my children. Is my vanity in "what's right is right" justification for brining the spoils to my family's life? My wife knows who I am and daily chooses to stay with me, sometimes which alone must be a miracle. But my children, they did not ask nor would they openly share my political or theoretical beliefs. At what point does "father knows best" hit the fan. As a child I questioned my father frequently, this continues to this day, so the aforementioned does not pass the muster. But what of my aspirations, dreams and intimate desire to provide not just my children, but my fellow citizens and their families with the America that is deserved to be.
Do I believe in the Constitution of the United States under "original intent"?
Do I believe in the abolishment of large federal institutions, and a return to "states rights"?
Do I believe that in order for evil (tyranny) to prevail, it only require that good men do nothing?
With all of my heart.
Can one man/woman make a difference?
I believe they can change the world, for better or worse.
At what point can I no longer allow the chains of despotism to close around the necks of my family?
This is the question I put to you, for I have no answer. As an individual this is a simple question, but as a "patriot" you must take the welfare of the community under your advisement. Is it in "their" best interest that "I" feel oppressed? Thomas Jefferson once said "That a man owes no duty to which he is not urged by some impulsive feeling... is correct, if referred to the standard of general feeling in the given case, and not to the feeling of a single individual." -- to Thomas Law, 1814.
In recent times my belief is that individuals can and should govern themselves, without authoritative control, but rather simply guidance through accord within a union, is the only true moral path we should pursue. I ask you, whoever you may be, for guidance. I do not speak to the "Creator" as others claim to. At what point do my principals become those of my families? Should I possibly regret an action, or continually regret inaction? If an individual can stimulate change through non violent measures, am I that man? Am I up to the task? I am aware of the lunacy in asking strangers to judge my self doubt, but it is the only way to judge the message. Ask the question and hopefully be surprised at the answers.
"The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations ... This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution."- John Adams.

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