Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro, 1852

While I debated not using any of my words to detract from this simply amazing speech, I could not resist. As we Americans begin our Independence Day celebrations we tend to look back with a twinge of nostalgia, of the good old days. I am a fan of yesteryear as much as the next guy but remember, the past was not perfect and most of what you "understand" is based solely on perspective. Because I am a WAM30 (White American Male 30 Something) some would argue my perspective is narrow, I often debate my own "perceptions" with myself. I have been fortunate enough to have conversations with veterans since WW2, families who ran with and against "klan mentality", survivors and killers. I do not profess to have an equal perception as the participants, but my life grows hearing their stories, good and bad.

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