Monday, July 28, 2008

Argentina (continued)

On Friday FerFAL posted another blog about the collapse of Argentina's economy and liberties. I have written before about how his writings have changed my views on life. It is refreshing to read his resilience and first person perspectives. That posting along with the Reverends post on the American Depression version 2.0, got me thinking WTF are we not seeing as a country. I realize that if you are reading this i am most likely preaching to the choir, however we need to become clear, and resolute in the education of others beyond the "blog community". Recent response to Mike Vanderboegh's letter was appalling in my humble opinion, he was absolutely right, direct and most frightening, possibly prophetic. Our republic is failing, being burned to the ground by banks, with a federal stamp of approval. Attempt addressing these problems of economic, domestic and foreign policies by ALL peaceful means, but also consider these words:

In all honesty I do not agree with Malcolm X on a lot of things, but as they say even a broken clock is right twice a day. Inform for change today or there will be blood tomorrow.
sic vis pacem para bellum,

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