Wednesday, August 13, 2008

FerFAL has some more insight for after SHTF

"Guns are what you end up using when you fucked up and failed in your awareness. I’ve been coming back home late at night again everyday at the same time.Yesterday some guys tried to cut me off but when they saw that I was a) armed and b) not slowing down, but rather accelerating, they moved away fast enough.Today I took a different route, and I’ll be using different ways back home so as to avoid being ambushed like that.These things happen often, and being armed and not stopping or the combination of both always got me trough. But when they target you they may use other resources like setting traps like stones on the street or throwing bricks at your windshield to force you to stop."

We would all do well to do some extensive reading of his postings frequently.

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