Sunday, August 24, 2008

Justified Part 1

The consistent de-evolution of life and liberty has developed a new need in my opinion.

In the past 100 years, or more, what has the "industrial revolution" done for life, or liberty? We have touted at "marvels" and "breakthroughs", I am asking why? What was marvelous? What has "improved"? Are we better off than 2000 years ago? Sure we are more complacent, live longer, things are "easier", but are we better?
Complacency- We accept our reality for what it is. People as individuals don't think they can make a difference, so why try, things are okay. FUCK THAT! If you are not challenged daily, are you living? If you accept the reality and life people around you dictate for you, are you living? Especially if the people making these decisions are in a marble, and limestone building thousands of miles from you. What if they are from one or even two generations before you? Are they right, are they better? What the fuck gives them the right to make these decisions. Sadly, you do. Even I do, but not with complacency. About 230 years ago a group of men wrote and signed a fantastic piece of paper and asked for it to be read throughout the land. It is called the "Declaration of Independence". If you cannot with nostalgia recite or at least recall some part of it, shame on you. Find a copy and read it, better yet have it read to you. Imagine the emotion and the vigorousness of its message at that time. Can you feel it? (THAT TIME IS NOW JACKASS!) We go down without a fight everyday. We pay our taxes; we follow their rules without question. Do you cross the street at the intersection because of the law, or safety? Why do you pay a property tax, it is YOUR property. Why do you pay an income tax, because on this one they were sharp, remove the ability to opt out. If you don't see it most won't question it, besides they give you some back every April since you were nice enough to give them an interest free loan at gunpoint, for (once again) shit you do not want and certainly do not need. (reality check, it was all your money to begin with)
Live Longer- Now with you daily dose of snyhetic-hyphoid-typhoid-caffine-viagra-oxycoton-deep dish sausage-big mac-summers eve- enema, you to can live beyond your bodies decay so you can shit yourself at the local market and go senile. But hey at least you can still get wood now and again. Try hitting some physical fitness once and again. Don't tell me "I go to the (insert cooperate gym here) every other Tuesday that is an odd number" bullshit. As humans our advances have made us lazy, unhealthy and predictable. I know it is hard to pry yourself out of the routine of watching a box that has people on it actually doing something. People used to actually live life, now we might witness parts of it. A simple look around you next time you step out would help you see this. The obesity rate is ridiculous; people who say they are fine with being overweight are liars. They just acknowledge that they are to lazy to change their position in life. Don't get me wrong if we were cannibals this would be great, have you ever had veal? I want to live, preferably long, as far as I can with it being real. Medicines have their place but why is it the more drugs we have created in labs, the deadlier our world becomes. Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's, high cholesterol, bird-flu, mad cow. Hell even the bumble bee is now deadly. WHAT THE FUCK? Our advancement has brought us nothing as it pertains to true longevity.
Easier- How many emails do we send and receive in a single day? Hell right now I am typing on a box that is smarter then ½ the world's population, why you ask? Did you not read the first two points? Easy is not better, it is easier. But we cannot come full circle any more. Millions of people are unchallenged because we don't want them to feel "failure". I have failed at many attempts and EVERY great lesson I have learned has been from not wanting to feel failure again. If you are not failing, you are not trying. PERIOD! We are missing the balance, most people cannot taste true success, because they don't under stand the bitterness of failure. I am an elitist, sure but the real question is why aren't you? I set my goals just out of reach and when I reach them I feel "high" sometimes the are way out of reach, yet somehow they can be overcome. Unless you have done that first hand you have no clue of what life is. Yet even an elitist prick like me recognizes I am not doing enough. That is were our tale begins.


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