Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chico is the MAN

**Yes, I say the "F" word, deal with it**
I was getting caught up on my NON election year politics, and figured others may be as sick of the recent rabble from the "major" news sources as I am. I have been looking into Breed Specific Legislation. I try to keep an eye on this. My first dog was an "evil" wolf hybrid. The laws in Arizona mandated that this loving animal would have to be put down if any member of Animal Control or any law enforcement agency felt threatened. Not out of genuine fear, but because his great grandparents had a one night stand with a captive "wild" animal. He was the best first dog I could ever have asked for. Sadly his joints gave out at a young age and he was destined for a short life. I tend to like the "menace to society" animals, hell even fish I have owned are carnivorous. A few years later I got the itch for a "pit bull" I wanted to name him Chico. Being the father of two young boys I heard a ton of the "those dogs are killers, you'll be sorry, they snap, they lock their jaws" crap. If you agree with those fears, in short let me say, FUCK YOU if you think killing this breed will make you safer. I did not choose this dog because he is vicious, mean, or scary. The video I have posted before explains why I needed this breed, if you missed it before watch it here. (One of the best things I have seen on YouTube, ever)

If you have a dog, cat, fish, horse, cow etc... watch you local legislators. What man fears, man destroys. I love my pit and he has dealt with friends and family, kids climbing and jumping on him, being lead by his ears and nose. He loves my boys and their friends, all attention is welcomed by him, and he shows a gentleness that is size specific to them at all times. But if you come unannounced he lets YOU know, "that ain't cool."
If you are looking for a pet, rescue a pit, you will not be sorry.

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