Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Alternative

1.End the Federal Reserve
Now on face value this seems a bit drastic to some, but along with other items it becomes necessary. The Reserve has a direct history of abuse of trust and power. A quick Google search documents plenty of this.
2.Reduce Government Waste
Not just "welfare", but most of the "intelligence" and "regulatory" commissions. For a quick look at inefficiency watch CSPN, The wasted time with "the distinguished gentleman" crap is laughable. Our "defense" spending has risen in this era of Empire chasing. These effect us not only monetarily, bust also physically and philosophically.
3.Reduce Federal Government, by re instituting States Rights.
4.Allow the "bottom to drop" if the market demands it. It will and has rebuild back to neutral, that is the balance as needed.

Four simple steps, they may cause pain, strife and even tragedy for some. Not to be callous, but sorry. We must return to individual accountability and responsibility. I am sure I have missed a few points but wanted to cover a brief outline of an alternative to the Federal idea of private sector Bailouts.
Look too the past to guide you in the future.
David Crockett : Not Yours To Give
Banking is bad?
Money as Debt
Thomas Jefferson


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