Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day is OVER!

Well the polls haven't even closed at the "end is here." Don't get me wrong I never would have asked for a McCain ticket, but I wouldn't wish the politics of the next four years on an enemy. For starters the "My President" shit ain't gonna fly. I have not found a single thing that the big "O" represents I believe in. I can name my "hopes" and a large loss of civil liberties and increassed taxes are not the "change" I am looking for. It was a hell of a ride, a mere 232 years from Republic, to Democracy, to Fascism, to Socialism.
Sic semper tyrannis,
God I "hope" I am wrong.


Anonymous said...

now you know how we felt when a frat boy idiot stole the election twice...

except our guy is intelligent, motivated and not a puppet to the Big Men.

And he literally almost did the country in.

And obama is no socialist...

PolyKahr said...


Take heart. Remember that our loyalty is to the Constitution of United States of America. We, as people who believe the Constitution has meaning, have much to do. Keep your powder dry, for now. We must also adopt guerilla tactics in our legilative branches. Fight fire with fire.


Jay21 said...

First, have the courage of your convictions to identify yourself.
I do not know how you felt in 2000/2004 because I do not follow the idea that the 2 people we are granted a choice in are worth their collective weight in salt. If you would bother to read my other postings you would see that I STAND against a large frderal government. PEROID. My guess would be that you agree that Bush 41, and 43 have lead us to a path of Fascism. Clinton did NOTHING to slow that path, but did increase it. Obama IS a socialist!
Socialism is defined as a broad set of theories advocating state and/or collective ownership, and a means of controlling ownership and production of goods and wealth.
By advocating a civilian national security force, and multiple redistribution plans from retirement and healthcare, to "profit sharing" his policies fall into that definition. If you "believe" in Obama, that is fine. I however, am not one of those people who will stand by while you lie and pretend that he is not what he is, and his programs are not what the are. Have some respect and stand up for what you believe, not what you read in the papers, or were told at some rally. Do the research and open your mind. You got your admitted wish of a Barack H. Obama presidency, good for you. I did not want a McCain presidency either, but for ideals of individual liberty, you sir/madam I believe lack any such convictions. I hope that I am wrong about you and your President. If you find your way back here please provide a link to your writings, or some that provide backing for your statement that the policies of Obama are not socialist. I enjoy learning, and if I am in error I would like to know it. However I have done research and have not found a valid counterpoint.
Sic vas pacem para bellum,

Jay21 said...

Thanks Poly Kahr, your calmness amid this present hysteria is good to see, keep your powder dry indeed.

ReverendFranz said...

And the Upside?

Come on man, your readers are just going to get depressed and bitter if you dont offer solutions as well as problems.

Jay21 said...

The solutions are in the Declaration of Independence. Luckily I know for a fact that you can quote both it and the United States Constitution.

“The first lesson a revolutionary must learn is that he is a doomed man. Unless he understands this, he does not grasp the essential meaning of his life.” Huey P Newton

Wonder where I got the idea for that quote?

ReverendFranz said...

Then, from the pits of doom, we can only travel upwards, with principle, and carried by an honor that will not compromise, even in death.