Thursday, November 27, 2008


We must not relent, period. Since early November the circles I run in have become a skittish bunch. "The guns are going away, the guns are gone." I am by no means fully prepared, but I have at least one of each of those disappearing guns in my possession or more. None of them are "top of the line", but all are proven shooters. I have not nearly enough ammo, but around 200o rounds. We cannot relent, or relinquish our position. The time for compliance and compromise is nearing an end. I do not mean that in a "Molon Labe" prod, but as an idea of a paradigm we need to prepare for.

-Define your beliefs, for yourself if no other reason. Do not shut out others, but do not broadcast you thoughts. Every revolution has been slowed and in most cases stopped by informant "double agents." You need to spread the word, not yourself too thin.

-Prepare to the best your ability at "this point in time." I cannot afford a Barrett M82A1 now, but a Savage 111 was within my budget. I can afford to become accurate within my means.

-Learn "intelligence" techniques, learn encryption, and anonymity. These can be come an asset in your personal and professional lives, even the the S never HTF.

-Build a network and or community NOW. Find others who are among the 3% before full scale investigations of "club memberships" becomes reality. The investigations may never come, but you will gain friends of a feather, and loose nothing.

-Train with what you have NOW, not what you might have later.

-Above all else, STAY POSITIVE.

Have a good day, enjoy the food.



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Some good thoughts. Also check out Chris Horton's lastest post on Mindful Musings.