Thursday, November 13, 2008

Freedom of the "Press"

I tried to run a print add in the local newspaper. For over 2 weeks I worked with the paper and their grapics department on that add. On the evening of "press time" I received the following after business hours:

Jason, I really regret to inform you that we pulled the ad at the last minute. We need to do more research on Gun advertising and decide upon our policies. Many newspapers do not advertise for guns. It did not make it past the final editor.

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Below is my response:

I really wish this would have been presented in time for me to at least respond to some of your concerns. I am a local resident trying to start a business and provide a service for the community in which I live, nothing more. Without advertising that will be an even tougher accomplishment. I would like to cover a few things upfront:

  • I chose a business name that was not hiding the products I sell

  • I am approved and licensed by the County, State and Federal Governments to sell and transfer firearms. This is an official “business” not a hobby or personal collection, and is regulated as such with full over sight and approval of the BATFE, and PCSO.

  • I rely as much on the First Amendment as you do to make my livelihood. I do that by promoting the Second.

  • I fully comply with all regulations and laws in the transactions; I even made sure that was noted on the proposed add.

  • “Many newspapers do not advertise for guns”- This is in reference to “classified ads” whose private sales are regulated by very different laws from city to city and state to state. Most newspapers I know of regularly take ads from “Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, and Big 5 Sporting Goods.” All which advertise sell and market firearms and shooting supplies.

  • I feel very disappointed that I have lost an entire month of available advertising without any previous indication of a minuet problem in the past 2 plus weeks we have been discussing this.

    Please keep me informed of any changes positive or negative to my current issue so I can at least try to consider my options.


I chose to leave the paper unnamed for now, giving them the chance to respond. I find this EXTREMELY poor taste for a "local" paper that relies on local businesses to shun me because I sell firearms. I live in a rural suburban area, complete with ranchers, cowboys and your average gun nut like myself. What really chaps me is that the was NO "concern" listed and no discussion over content of the add. I will post any replies that have have new information.




chris horton said...

Keep moving forward Jason. Hopefully you can get this "issue" resolved.


Jay21 said...

Yeah, I am trying to be as civil as possible. I (as i think most of os 3% and more)am just getting tired of the "evil perception" pasted on "assult" weapons sellers. We are moving foward albeit slowly.
Thanks for the encouragement,

straightarrow said...

think about flyers and radio ads. Radio is much more bang for the buck anyway. Try outdoor advertising. May be a little expensive in the beginning but still more effective. If your local paper is operated in such a silly and politically bent manner, the people who would be your customers are probably already aware of that and pay no attention to it, anyway.

Armed US Citizen said...

If they will not go forward you may want to threaten litigation and possible get the NRA or other advocacy groups involved.

BTW, if you get up and going I will link your stores web address to my site for you. We need more good gun store owners. They have succeeded(the gun control crowd)in making it so difficult that while the demand has never ebbed the supply is hard to aquire.

Good luck

K. D. Johns said...

If you really want to increase your sales, then you need to find some financing for you gun sales. My wife and I want an M1 and an AK47 but we are both disabled and on social security. If you can find financing for your guns we will gladly buy from you.