Friday, November 7, 2008


I have spent the past few weeks, years basically, but much more recently, in debate with friends, family and strangers. I believe I was either to ignorant or just unable to convey a basic point.

On the United States Constitution, and those of the free and independent states:
NO part of them should be used to restrict an individual. They are by design, to RESTRICT the governments they "empower."

Think about this, especially the next time "they" try to legislate the choice of your fellow citizens. Whether you agree with the "moral" message of an amendment or law is irrelevant, we have NO RIGHT to legislate in or out the choices of others.I honestly believe the recent election was a terrible movement for civil rights. I am speaking on my States level. I have never been overly concerned with the "president". I am growing that concern due mainly to the powers that have been granted/seized over the past decade. The temptation(s) to abuse that power will not be held back for long. I am not saying it will be the current president-elect, but it will happen. The best example I can sight of this temptation, is President John Quincy Adams. A man who was raised among the Revolution, with none other than John Adams as a father, and Thomas Jefferson as a family consult.

He showed an arrogance of office, he thought he knew better than those he represented. Sounds like an accurate parallel to today's financial crisis. He also spoke of a pending civil war, and how its existence could prove an opportunity to gain power over the Legislature through "war powers." Sadly, that was exactly what happened, at the cost of individual states rights. Once again this sounds eerily familiar.

Now, I also know that President John Quincy Adams made MANY speeches and took an unpopular stance on slavery, it's abolishment. He was not a bad President per se, but I choose him to illustrate that good men and women can cause many bad things to happen, even when they are working towards envisioned utopia.

Once again what do I know, I am just a carpenter who can't get a job swinging a hammer.



(for another POV watch this)Remember, after you ban them, you are next.

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ReverendFranz said...

There is no doubt that a larger economic recovery act ... must do two things," the president-elect's chief of staff, Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill said on ABC.

"One, get people working rebuilding our roads, our bridges, our schools, our basic infrastructure that allows the economy to be very productive. Second, there should be a tax rebate to the middle class."

build Roads, yeah, that will solve the continuing Debt as Money cycle that serves no other purpose than to "spread wealth" from the have-a-littles to the have-a-lots.