Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fair Warning

Armed minorities never fear the leviathan majority. History is not made by "democratic majorities" but, for good or ill, by determined minorities. George Bush has done us one favor, at least. He has destroyed his own party of big government lite and set the stage for The Raw Deal, much as the Weimar Republicans set the stage for Hitler. But in doing so -- by enabling the Great Lightworker's Nanny State -- he has removed any chance of redress of our grievances by political means. In the unholy trinity of Obama-Reid-Pelosi we have people who will attempt to make sure of it by attacking more of our Constitutional liberties. This is good. Finally we will be to the point where the masks are off and we will face each other without pretense. You, with your godless collectivism. Us with our faith, and our determination to maintain our traditional liberty as well as our property.
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Vanderboegh strikes again with a clear warning.


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