Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Freedom Under Siege

In reading and commenting on some posts lately, I realized I have some views I need to verbalize before I can sleep. Our freedom is under attack, a wolf in sheeps clothing, as it usually is. I am not one for compromise or tolerance, call it a character flaw. There are many things in this world I see and do not hesitate to "judge" others. However for those who don't know me, allow me some background.

- I do not use alcohol or any drugs, "legal" or not. That is my choice. I do not support ANY legislation that restricts YOU from doing any drug YOU choose, but I do hold YOU responsible for your actions. Drink all you want, hit a family with your car in the process and I'll bring the rope to your final tree.

- I do own and carry firearms. Out of respect to you, if I choose to go to your home/business and you ask I do not bring them, I won't. But I will not tolerate you requesting me to remove them in my home/business.

- I do not care who or how many people you are intimate with, as long as it involves consent. If you flaunt your choices, I will not stop others from calling you whore, faggot, bitch, etc.. If you keep a low profile, so should others. However if they move beyond words I will stand by your side, and if needed crush them without apology or acceptance of your lifestyle.

These are but a few points, you get the general idea. I believe in three rights : Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Period. All other ideas flow from these.

Everything else we are told by politicians are a lie. It is your life, take some accountability and shape it to what you want. Crush the small obstacles, study the big ones. Look for an edge and NEVER violate the 3 rights of anyone, they are not yours because you are an American, but because you are human.
A free society guarantees freedom of movement and, above all, absolute
. Moving our wealth in and out of the country would be of no concern to the
government. Complete privacy guarantees individual liberty. Our personal lifestyles,
as well as our religious lifestyles would be our business and ours alone. Instead of
the governments forcing contracts on us and breaking those they make with us, the
government would help enforce the contracts to which we voluntarily agree.
A free society offers the greatest chance for world peace. Free movement of
people, goods, and ideas across borders makes a lot more sense than the uncontrolled
sale and transfer of weapons across borders. A policy of neutrality and friendship to
all makes a lot more sense than subsidies to our sworn enemies and our rich allies.
Financing both sides of all the battles around the world, as we have been doing for
the past forty years, must come to an end.
Free markets, sound money, balanced budgets, no income tax, civil liberties,
and nonintervention in the internal affairs of other nations is the road to peace and
How can the American people reject it?

Freedom Under Siege – Ron Paul, 1988

(emphasis by me)

Vote and live Freedom, first and always. Fight taxation and legislation. Follow your beliefs but do not expect or rely on others to join them.



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