Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Terminator Series is "Real", No F'N Way!

For those who don't know I have the trailer that summarizes the "end" in Terminator Time.
-Skynet, the evil computer based system that controls "the machines" through man made technology. That is in the franchise, however, that foundation became REAL thanks to AT&T. AT&T then sold Skynet to Loral. It's true, read it here
-Cyberdyne Systems built the technology that allows "the Machines" to simulate, infiltrate and Terminate humans. Good thing that was fake, but what is this? Holy crap, good thing that was only a "suit". However check out what using HAL (another creepy sci-fi reference) as a base some "college group" came up with.

Check out their "latest version"

At least they don't have balance or route options,

Ah crap, but that was on 4 legs, I dare them to try that with 2.

We're dead. F'n robots, we're going to die from f'n robots.
P.S. I needed a break from the real threats of the day. Not as threatening yet, still creepy though, we should keep an eye on it.


RhondaLue said...

Whoa. Totally cool and creepy all at once. More creepy though!

I showed my 7 yr old who was totally engrossed with these things and I'm amazed at how real the women robots look, what with their wispy hair and all. sheesh.

Jay21 said...

Yeah, I am usually interested/scared when I see the lines between fantasy and reality blured.